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Friday, September 21, 2007

Bloodless Coup: 1 Year ago

A year ago, a successful bloodless coup had been carrying out-- among the confusion whose side did they do it for. When the dust settled, people set out to celebrate the unusual event. Flowers for the soldiers could be seen where ever they were. Flowers were most from the people who couldn't bear over-the-limit corruption of Thaksin's government.

Most Thais get used to pay bribe for a little convenience, buy driver license, tip the cop when they get traffic ticket, pay school to get their children in, bribe authorities to get construction permit faster and pay a little more to have it build more then the laws allow, cop set up a system to get bribe money (under-table money - in Thai) from business to have their trucks carry over-the-limit weight of goods on the hi-way and so on with almost everything in their life that deal with authorities.

So when Thai people couldn't take full-of-corruption government any more, that really means something.

Until today, the junta and the government have fought tirelessly (I guess) with the old power that try everything they could to get back to power. To get back to power means they could erase everything the junta appointed government has been doing and has done, including all the investigations and probes and blame it on "undemocratic way".

Interestingly, the junta is also afraid of the old power will get back at them (check bill - in Thai) once they regain the power. What could tons of money and power will buy them unfortunated events when they make a revenge? One could imagine. It would be so bad not only to individual in junta team but also to generations in their family.

In one year, you can see how Thaksin were so good in using the media to his advantage telling his one-side story (always a good side). You can see how good is his staff in doing their jobs in any media available. You can go to wikipedia ( reading on Thaksin article and see how it's been done. Not only in Thaksin topic but also related topic such as "efficiency economy", all are so biased.

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