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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Airport faces rocket-attack threat

Airport faces rocket-attack threat

Book a window seat if you plan to use Suvarnabhumi Airport next Saturday, as you may get a chance to witness the most spectacular pyrotechnic show of mass fireballs and balloons shooting by outside.

February 17, 2008

Victims of the airport's development yesterday threatened to release balloons and home-made rockets the whole day in protest against the delay by the government and the airport's owner, Airports of Thailand, in paying them compensation for their misery.

"Yes, we are concerned about the possible chaos and ruining of the country's image, but we have no other choice," villager leader Somchart Manathamsombat told the press conference.

The villagers first threatened to float balloons up the flight path last September and were rewarded with some success. The government and AOT agreed to set up a tripartite committee to resolve outstanding issues.

But after a long wait, they decided to prod the new government into fulfilling past promises with a scarier weapon, local fireballs or bang fai.

"We smell insincerity from AOT in solving our problems. While we are suffering from severe noise pollution, there has been no significant progress from the committee's work but 10 meetings," Somchart said.

"What we need is nothing special: we're just asking AOT to follow the January 2 Cabinet resolution. What we get is AOT insisting that it will act only when its board of directors gives its approval," he said.

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