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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

EC has no script to destroy PPP: Prapun

EC has no script to destroy PPP: Prapun

THAILAND, Electon Commission member Prapun Naigowit on Tuesday ruled out the allegation that the EC was bent on destroying the People Power Party by citing the electoral fraud as a pretext.

"There is no written script nor conspiracy to fault any party and the EC is doing its job strictly in accordance with the law," he said.

Prapun was reacting remarks by coalition leaders raising concern on the leeway to dissolve a party.

Although it was up to political parties to decide whether to amend Article 237 of the 237 Constitution, this provision on party dissolution was nothing new as it was enforced since the suspended 1997 Constitution and its organic laws, he said.

The leeway allowed under the present charter was about the party's linkage to the fraud, he said, adding that not every case of campaign violations linked to the party would lead to disbandment.

He said the EC would not link its work to the ongoing move to amend the charter.

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My Take:  Doesn't want the dissolution? then why didn't they stop buying votes and engaging in illegal acts in the first place!!   The new constitution was designed to stop dirty political parties and corrupted politicians.

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