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Thursday, April 3, 2008



PPP Member of Parliament Karun Hosakul faces charges after kicking and throwing a punch at Democrat MP

April 3, 2008

Thailand, A government coalition MP decided to take things to a physical level yesterday by kicking an opposition member.

People Power Party member Karun Hosakul kung-fu kicked Democrat Somkiart Pongpaiboon yesterday while he was dining.

But, Karun being no Bruce Lee, missed widely barely touching Somkiart's right leg.

The incident occurred about 3pm.

Witnesses say Somkiart was eating with colleagues at the Parliament cafeteria when Karun entered and launched his ineffective attack.

Karun then lashed out with a fist, but missed again. Then the pair got into a shouting match, with Somkiart on the end of heated abuse.

In fact, Karun got so worked up that he had to be restrained by police officers and other PPP members.

Media rush in

As soon as word of the brawl got out, members of the press rushed to the scene and managed to witness some of the altercation until chief government whip Chai Chidchob came to take Karun away.

Somkiart says he'll seek the prosecution of Karun for assault.

Speaking to the press later,  Karun said Somkiart was the first to shove him, and that he responded with a push and then they started arguing. He denied trying to kick Somkiart.

The Democrat Party says it will support Somkiart if he decides to file charges against Karun.

The party will also demand that the Speaker look into the incident and punish the unruly member.

How it all started

Karun was reportedly unhappy at Somkiart's behaviour in Parliament in the lead-up to the incident.

During yesterday's session, PPP, including Karun, attacked Somkiart for his involvement in a rally organised by People's Alliance for Democracy at Thammasat University last week. Somkiart is one of the five leaders of PAD.

The alliance was behind anti-Thaksin Shinawatra rallies and is said to be planning to  unseat the Samak government.

PPP members blame alliance leader Sonthi Limthongkul for attempting to discredit the coalition.

Somkiart has challenged the government to bring disciplinary action against him if they believe he's broken Parliament rules.

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A violent history

>> Karun Hosakul, 41, allegedly beat his former wife, Ratchadawan. In April 2005, she divorced him.

>> Two months after the divorce, Karun attacked her at Don Mueang Airport as she returned from a trip abroad. Karun grabbed her hair, slapped her and threatened to disfigure her. She was rescued by airport guards.

>> In 2006, Karun assaulted a guard at an abandoned cinema, when he and his friends were refused entry. He kicked the guard twice in the head, reportedly shouting: "I will be back. Don't you know who I am?"

>> In 2007, as a Bangkok City Councillor, Karun head-butted an undercover policeman at a cock fight.

>> In 2005, Karun was stopped from contesting a Bangkok seat because he lacked the educational

qualifications required.

My Take: What a nice quality rep. !!!!

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