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Friday, June 6, 2008

Thaksin: I Want Ronaldinho's Magic

Thaksin: I Want Ronaldinho's Magic

Manchester City owner Thaksin Shinawatra has revealed his desire to secure the signing of Barcelona superstar Ronaldinho…

The Brazilian is heavily rumoured to be on his way out of Camp Nou this summer, having been linked consistently with a move to AC Milan.

The Rossoneri have turned their interest elsewhere though, clearing the path for City to make a move for the two-time FIFA World Player of the Year.

New manager Mark Hughes is reportedly keen to proceed with the deal, and Thaksin is thrilled at the prospect of landing one of the biggest names in football.

"Ronaldinho - you know, he is a great player," he told the Daily Mail. "Whatever the club in your heart, you would want to see this player in England, wouldn't you?"

Asked about the cash involved, Thaksin added: "It is not a risk. Sponsors will contribute. It will not damage our wage structure. Garry (Cook) and Pairoj, my chief advisor, they are taking care of this transfer. I am very excited.

"I am 59 next birthday, so I am not a man who can wait for many years to see my dreams come true."


After a disappointing and injury-riddled season at Barca, many have questioned whether Ronaldinho possesses the desire to regain his best form and fitness.

But Thaksin is convinced the former Gremio man needs nothing more than a change of scene to recapture his peak performance.

"Ronaldinho is 28," he said. "He has much still to offer, he is a star. You need a combination of new players, existing players, quality, young and old.

"I admit also you need a player who is more than just winning the match. You need a star who can play on the pitch, but who can achieve much more for the club. Ronaldinho is that player.

"I am hearing good things about his hunger. I have spoken to his brother (his agent). Ronaldinho wants the new challenge, the chance to play his best football again, to return to the days when he was really, really famous. The magic is still in his boots. Let us hope we can bring him."


My Take: Either Thaksin's trying to get media attention after bad bublicity about Swen or this is for real.

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