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Tuesday, July 15, 2008



PPP attacks Democrats, senators and Banharn

ruling People Power Party has asked the Election Commission to remove
28 Democrats and 33 senators from office for alleged breach of the
Constitution because they own stocks in telecom, media and other firms
that hold government concessions.

PPP deputy spokesman Suphachai Jaisamut filed the complaint with
the EC yesterday by producing a list of MPs and senators holding stocks
in companies that operate businesses that have state concessions.

Article 48 of the Constitution prohibits political
office-holders from holding shares in telecom and media companies,
while Article 265 bars them from holding stakes in companies that enjoy
government concessions.

Supachai said he had obtained the list of MPs and senators from
their personal assets declarations filed with the National Counter
Corruption Commission when they assumed office.

Democrat secretary-general Suthep Thaugsuban admitted he held
5,000 shares worth Bt50,000 of telecom firm True Corp, which he bought
from the stock market.

"They have to conduct the investigation because I bought these
stocks from the stock market at only Bt50,000. My stocks are worth
little. It should not be a problem," Suthep said.

Seri Suwanphanond, one of the authors of the 2007 Constitution,
said Article 48 of the charter bars political office-holders from
holding, directly or indirectly, even one stock in a media company.

"Violating it would affect their political status. The EC must
determine this matter. If the politicians think otherwise, the
Constitution Court will have to deliberate this case," he added.

Banharn Silapa-archa and his daughter Karnjana Silapa-archa of
the Chart Thai Party have been found to own Bt80 million-Bt90 million
worth of Siam City Cement stocks. The firm produces cement with
concessions from the government.

Other big-time politicians include Khunyin Kalaya Sophonpanich,
who holds stocks in Siam Cement; Somkiat Chanthavanic in Thai Oil, Siam
Cement, Nation Multimedia, PTT and PTT Exploration & Production;
and Ong-art Khlamphaiboon in Thai Oil.

The case of Suthep and other politicians is similar to what Chai
Chidchob, the House Speaker, is now facing. Chai and his wife La-ong
are found to own stocks in a company that has a concession with the

Reungkrai Leekijwatana, a senator, who has filed a complaint against Chai, said Suthep's owning of True is also a violation.

"Suthep's stock holding, directly or indirectly, [in True]
violates the Constitution even though he does not have any involvement
in the policy of the company," he said.

List of 28 Democrat Party's MPs allegedly violating constitutional laws concerning shareholding:

1. Suthep Thaugsuban

2. Anucha Burapachaisri

3. Somkiet Chanthawanit

4.Sakoltee Phathayikul

5. Kalaya Sophonpanich

6 Chanin Rungsaeng.

7. Ratchada Thanadireak

8. Ong-art Klampaiboon

9. Sarawuth Aonlamai

10. Theinchai Suwanphen

11.Chanchai Aisarasaenarak

12.Narisa Adithepwarapan

13.Samphan Thongsamak

14.Abichart Sakdised

15. Songkran Jitsuthipakorn

16. Chalermchai Sriaon

17. Kantawan Thansatien

18. Juthi Krileurk

19 Wichai Lomsuthi

20. Juar Rajchasi

21. Winai Saeniem

22.Larbsak Laphalobkij

23.Nipha Pringsulka

24.Phicharnmate Muangmanee

25. Sukhumphan Boriphat

26.Prakob Jirakij

27. Trairong Suwankiri

28. Chalernluk Kebcharb

List of 33 senators allegedly violating constitutional laws concerning shareholding

1. Korbkul Phanjareunwaurakul

2. Kiertikuntrungjai Buranasompob

3. Thanu Kulchon

4. Wirath Phanijchapong

5. Surachai Lienboonlertchai

6. Jirawat Kulawanij

7. Phichet Suntornphipith

8. Lertrath Rathanawanij

9.Thawoorn Leenutapong

10. Boonchai Chockwathana

11. Phichai Authamaphinan

12. Warin Tiemjaras

13. Aurai Kunananthakul

14. Kerk Kanlayanamitr

15. Thasana Boonthong

16. Pornphan Boonyaratphan

17. Somchai Sawaengkarn

18. Thippawan Samutharaks

19. Warawuth Rojanaphanij

20. Surapong Thansrithanakul

21. Sithisak Yongtrakul

22. Mongkol Srikhamhaeng

23. Choochai Leartphong

24. Suphot Leirdprathom

25. Phongaek Abirak

26. Phikukkaew Krairuek

27. Prawath Thongsonboon

28. Jaran Juengrungreungkij

29. Suraphong Thansrithanakul

30. Manoch Kraiwong

31. Kowith Phakdeephome

32. Nareumon Siriwath

33. Phontip Janrathpreecha


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