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Monday, February 2, 2009

A Spanish’s words in anti-cnn about DemoCracy

A Spanish’s words in anti-cnn:

"I agree with everything you said. The problem is that Spanish people don’t have a real opinion about anything. They just sit in front of the TV and listen what they guy says, that’s how they “learn” about the world. If the guy says that China has killed 1 million Tibetans, they’ll believe it all. It is the same in most Western countries, but here it looks to be much worse. Western Democracy kills people’s brain.

We are supposed to live in absolute “freedom”. So… why should we doubt about our system? Isn’t it perfect freedom?? We are supposed to live in absolute “freedom of speech”. So… why should we doubt about what we read/watch on our “free media”? Etc, etc. Democracy has become a religion, and everybody must trust the democratic system, the tv and the newspapers. If you don’t… you hate freedom, lol. That’s why it is so easy to make the whole society to hate China. Fortunately, a very few of us love something out of the West too much, so that we can see that everything is a huge lie. In my case, I love China. Reading a lot about China and talking to Chinese friends made me seeing my Western world with another perspective. I realized tha the West isn’t better than China. The only difference is that we are economically developed. We are developed thanks to market economy, not thanks to democracy. Market economy makes countries rich, not democracy. After visiting China for study, I saw that people there has the same freedom as us. Maybe even more, as you can walk around at nights in China. In the West, you might be killed thanks to huge crime rates. Also, there is so few drugs in China. In the West, kills are offered all kind of drugs at school!! This is our Freedom!! In China you see so little violence on the TV. In the West, families (parents, kids, elders) enjoy their dinner while they watch terrible movies where people are raped, killed, etc with a lot of blood!! That’s why Westerners love wars and violence so much, because we are educated to accept all violence as normal on the TV every day. After China becomes a developed country, many, many Westerners will move to China, you’ll see… I’ll move to China as soon as I finish my studies if I can. After some years, I’m starting to feel something special. China is not only as good as the Western democracy, it might be even better. China is growing fast, developing fast, you have so many problems, I know. China has many huge problems, yea. But almost every big problem in China is caused by undevelopment, right? When you become a rich country almost every serious problem will be solved, true?.

Anyway, in almost every aspect China is far better than any “democratic” country with a similar level of development (India, Latin America,etc). I’m starting to believe that when China becomes a rich country it will be much better than the West in most aspects too. Listen to me, Chinese friends. Our “freedom” is a lie. In every Western country, most youngs take drugs and drink every weekend. Crime is huge. People don’t have any hope in the future. We know we are rich thanks to what we stole to the rest of the world in the last century. We know that after 50 years we will be nothing because China and other countries are growing a lot. Our system doesn’t work, it is a big lie, and nobody dares to speak and even to think about changing our beloved democracy. In Europe people don’t have kids, we wil be a continent of elders by 2050. Many foreigners are coming from everywhere, otherwise our countries would collapse. There is a lot of racism growing everywhere. When muslims want to build a temple, there are violent riots. Some European countries (including mine) want to BAN muslim clothes so that muslum girls can’t cover their hair. Is this freedom? In China nobody would ban this, never!"


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