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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Al Jazeera interview: Former Thai PM sees political crisis from Dubai - 14 Apr 09

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Al Jazeera:Do you feel some sort of responsibility for *** this violence that we've seen in Thailand?

Thaksin: I feel very tragic on what's happening among the the Thai people but I'm not instigated I try I keep telling them we should do it peacefully. I keep telling them everyday. My message is peaceful peaceful peaceful.

AJ: If you or your ally would to become prime minister again how would you propose to overcome those more ??? which seem to control Thailand. It doesn't matter red-shirted or yellow-shirted it seem clear the mob is in control

T: Well, I think you know reconsiliation needed as a pre-condition for the country to be prosper. You know, where there's no peace, where there's no justice, you can..stability is not there, so when there's no stibility how you can prosper. It's no way.

AJ: Are you happy that this calm has been restored? and the protest that has been in supported of you has subsided for the time being?

T: I'm happy now but I don't think as long as the reconsiliation is not there, I'm still not happy because I worry about, you know, a lot of thing in the my in the heart in the mind of the people

AJ: What's the immediate step to get to the reconciliation that's needed right now?

T: I think it's must be initiated by the government.


T: No, not necessarily. Forget about me. Don't worry about me ok. Why don't reconciliation among the people in Thailand.

AJ: Are you disappointed that the king of Thailand has not intervene yet?

T: No no no no, but I just humblely urge His Majesty that..yeah..and..uh..uh I I think it's time when some conflicts..uh.. happened WE NEED YOUR MAJESTY TO INTERVENE. Your Majesty is above politics.

AJ: The charges that you're facing in Thailand, do you plan to return and face those?

T: If it were to have..ur..the..uh..neutral body to do investigation from the beginning and then it will be three court system then I wil..I'm ready but this is one court system with (smile) the..uh..the investigation done by my political opponents. This is not the rule of law.

AJ: Would you like another chance to be prime minister?

T: I'm not really want to be prime minister BUT IF THE COUNTRY NEED ME, IF THE PEOPLE NEED ME, I WILL. Because I'm sixty this July already. I want to (smile) I want to spend my life peacefully.

Some comments on YouTube page:
You f*** idiot!! Want to spend your life peacefully, then shut your dirty mouth up! Try to market yourself, huh? It's not gonna work. Most of Thai people hate you!!!

Try to play game with the monarchy? Ask for the King to intervene through the world media while keep telling the red shirts that the King intervened your government?

You're such a snob!

You gotta watch video news on BBC.
That one, they cornered him pretty damn good.
You could obviously see that he went speechless.

Soooo good. BBC rocks.

If I had time I would do video mash-up to compare word by word.. what he said before and what he said to Aljazeera. "Peaceful" ? I wanna laugh. Everybody who understands Thai heard you said "D-day" and "If there's a sound of gun shot! I'll come back to walk in front of you all.." (to war?)

Guns were shot, red shirted threw molotov cocktails to soldiers, on and on. And "the boss" is still sitting in Dubai saying that "I don't need to go back right now, I'm happy outside Thailand"

Nice job.

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