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Thursday, April 16, 2009

BBC News clip - Thaksin what u have done - 2

Some comments on YouTube page

Lies told by Thaksin:

He isn't financing & openly-fueling the red shirt movement? Yes he is - many of his goons are paid millions of baht to retain their support and he has openly called for them to bring a revolution.

He "loves" Thailand's poor? No, he relies on their relative lack of awareness and his ability to buy them off cheaply to fight his personal war. He doesn't give a damn about them as humans.

He wants "real democracy" for Thailand? That is perhaps the biggest lie of all.

I am one of the PAD Yellow shirt members. Here is my biased contribution to be given out to the world. You decide for yourself.

Red Shirts leaders use rumor about death to stimulate their protester. No provided evidence or name identification on who had actually died. They protest violently just because of the rumor occurred.

When PAD-yellow shirts went to protest, if a person really died, we all shared tears announce the braveone's name and remain silent for minutes everyday thinking of them.

2 'RESCIDENTS' in Nang Leung area have been killed. One of them was a 53 year-old local man who earlier was trying to get the red shirted protesters out of his area. He was angry at them for risking other peole's lives in the area. He was shot at the back several times in front of many people in the area.

the second one was a young boy killed in the same area.

None of these was killed by the bullets of Thai military.

These protesters are well-equipped with weapons.

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