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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ex-Priminister Thaksin made a huge slip [500 baht clip] - with english sub

some comments from youtube page

I also don't think he's talking about the senior citizen welfare because the majority of people he's talking to are much younger than that. Also, if he really wants to refer to the government stimulus program he would rather say 2,000 baht not 500 baht. I don't care if he's thaksin or a somebody, but the law is the law. he has to come back and face the chages.

It's funny to see hatred at work; the anti-Thaksin doing all they can to discredit Thanksin and the read shirt people. This is the same kind of accuation made by the PAD over Thaksin all along about his corruptions and abuse of powers.

This accusation is ridiculous. Would those read shirt people risk thier life fight with the fully armed military for just 500 baths?
Think about that.

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